Our team of experienced specialists provides complex management of the outsourced logistic processes using the WMS system. We offer a wide range of services:

  • short- and long-term storage

our clients are assigned permanent locations in high-bay racks or at the zero level

  • warehouse outsourcing – taking over the client’s warehouse functions

our WMS systems allows for full integrability with the client’s warehouse management systems, thus we can manage all its logistics operations

  • service of complaints and non-compliances

we have a separate, dedicated department to professionally examine complaints lodged by clients, based on insurance terms and conditions and procedures

  • unloading and loading (including containers)

having the appropriate equipment and human resources, we are able to meet the most difficult challenges, especially as regards the unloading of containers

  • palletisation

we are prepared to service clients requiring special carriers of various dimensions, while preserving the highest standards of goods safety

  • transport service of orders

in order to provide complex service of our clients, we offer transport and distribution of the entrusted merchandise

  • stock-taking (annual and partial, on client’s demand)

we obligatory perform annual stock-taking for every client on agreed dates and cyclical stock-tacking to verify the inventories

  • safety of merchandise

24/7 monitoring of the warehouse and its surroundings allows us to track the entire logistics process